Sunset Lodge Reviews

“Great little lodge, walking distance to beach, Sea and sunset views from raised deck. Dog friendly. Well equipped and good vibes all round. Will go again” - salemamare

” Last week I spent 3 nights at the Sunset Lodge, Bantham. It was wonderful. A secluded, private and self contained wooden lodge in its own woodland area, with a stunning view, a great outdoor decking area overlooking the sea, the most comfortable bed and a great location. Perfect for what I wanted. I wanted a break from the usual routine. Time away from all the things and people (that I love!), with the intention to spend time just sitting and being and totally doing exactly what I felt I wanted to. I took my food, music and dvds.

It was damp and quite windy the day I arrived so just chilled out. The weather on day two was beautiful, warm and sunny so I put my walking boots on and walked along the river estuary to Bantham beach and along the coastal road towards Thurlestone. Back to the decking area (and the view) for an afternoon of reading, writing and enjoying the sunshine. I watched the most amazing sunset, the moon just ‘appeared’ and then later, the stars came out. What a sight. Thousands of stars in a clear sky. I just had to put my music on and have a party, all for me! Day three, a drive to Kingsbridge, a lovely small town with interesting shops and a really great ‘feel’. I enjoyed a lazy afternoon and then in the evening went to the beach. Surfers were out. I paddled in the sea and then walked along the coast and sat, quite high up overlooking the sea and just drank it all in. The sun set and as it did the colours of the rays seemed to break up over Burgh Island and the sea was awash with blue, purple red . Glorious. Another evening on the decking, just me the moon and stars and a nearby owl.

I’m coming back, soon… My husband wants to come and so does my daughter so that’s two more visits! There’s a lot more to explore in the area and it would probably be more fun to do with someone else.

My thanks and appreciation to Tim and Helen who offer the opportunity for people to experience this location and have made the lodge so comfortable, homely and welcoming. Fresh flowers from the garden on the breakfast bar – thank you Helen.

Helen showed me around the three bedroomed lodge which is fabulous with an outdoor jacuzzi. I’ve got thoughts about coming with a group of friends too!

I would definately recommend Sunset Lodge at Discovery Retreats if you are the type of person that likes solitude, peace, beautiful views. I was happy to bring my food with me (there is a pub in the village but I didn’t try it, perhaps next time). Certainly the weather was absolutely perfect but even if it hadn’t been quite so good I was ready to watch dvds, read or write and I just know I would still have loved it.

Accommodation is very good, the bed is sooo comfy, the kitchen and bathroom are small but hey, it’s a wooden lodge!

My stay was perfect, just perfect. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too.”

M Poole.